Holding Space Necklace

Holding Space Necklace

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A holding space: We get so swept into the routine of life that we forget how to be with the emotions that would make us lose our groove. Sadness, grief, and even pure joy and love often don't find a space to fit in our lives because we know that really feeling them would throw us off and make it harder to function and be "us." The reality, though, is that until we do begin letting those sometimes painful emotions in, we're not fully us. This is hard work and can be done slowly. This necklace honors our efforts to finding a holding space for those emotions that want and need to be felt, to hold them with care and love and kindness, so that we can simply be. 

A note about chains - you can choose between two types of chains: a sterling silver snake chain and a sterling silver rolo chain. The snake chain is beautiful but delicate and for some people it can break. There is nothing wrong with it, that is just how that chain works. If it does break, I am happy to sell you a replacement, just email me. The rolo chain is sturdier because of the types of links. I like to give you the option so that you can choose what works best for you. 

I make all my jewelry to order in my studio in Vermont and handcraft each piece with care. As such, the piece you receive may have minimal variations from the photo pictured. For me, this is part of the beauty of the craft- no two pieces are exactly the same, and each has their own special energy.

When I receive your order, I will begin to make your piece. It takes me approximately 10 days to make and ship each piece. If you need a piece sooner, rush service may be available. Please contact me directly.