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I make all of my jewelry from something called "metal clay." Metal clay was invented in the 90s in Japan. It feels like clay but it's actually made from pure silver particles mixed with an organic binder. Once I make the piece in this "clay," I fire it in a kiln, where the binder burns off, the silver sinters (basically melts together), and I'm left with pure silver. It feels like real life alchemy and magic. It's totally different from traditional metal smithing, but once the piece comes out of the kiln and it's silver, I can do anything to it that one can do to silver, like solder, hammer, patina, etc. You can learn more about my process here.

The silver in the metal clay that I use is all pure silver (999) that has been reclaimed from old silverware, jewelry, as well extracted from old photographic negatives. This jewelry is full of history and stories! 

I come to each design in a different way. Sometimes I'm inspired by something and sketch a specific design idea; other times I simply let my hands play with the metal clay and create what flows out of me. In general, I'm inspired by nature and the poetry that moves all around us that shows up through resilience, community, taking risks, and song. I am inspired by people being brave and vulnerable and I strive to bring my own vulnerability into my pieces. 

No! I'm a firm believer in wearing what you are drawn to and what makes you feel good no matter what body you inhabit! My jewelry is for all genders, with a variety of chain lengths and styles to fit everyone's needs. 

The best way to see my new work, plus the inspiration and stories behind it, as well as behind the scenes is to 1) follow me on Instagram @allisonkorndesigns 2) follow me on Facebook @allisonkorndesigns 3) Sign up for my newsletter by clicking here.

Jewelry Care

Tarnishing is a natural process that happens to all silver, no matter how high the quality. Here's a tip: if you wear your piece all the time it won't tarnish! But not everyone can or wants to do that. Because the piece itself is pure silver it will tarnish less quickly than sterling silver. If and when it does tarnish, grab a cheap polishing pad or cloth, simply wipe the jewelry down, and, ta-daa! You've got a brand-new looking piece of jewelry again. To prevent your jewelry from tarnishing, store it in a small zip lock bag. If you have one piece of jewelry that is tarnishing it will make all your other jewelry tarnish quicker if they are not protected in zip locks! 

Yes! That's one perk of supporting local handcrafted jewellers! I'm happy to make a replacement for you. The cost is half of the price of the pair. It is super helpful to have a picture of the remaining earring so I can make sure I make an exact match. Please email me if you're missing that one earring you so loved! 

It depends... Rolo chains are much sturdier than snake chains so if you need to wear your piece all the time go with the rolo chain. Chains can get pulled and yanked, caught and tugged- they're doing a tough job! And sometimes chains break. If your chain does break I'm happy to sell you a new chain. Click here to purchase.

Water will not damage the jewelry but it may make it tarnish quicker. The chains may be more prone to damage as well. That said, it's up to you! If you want to have jewelry you can wear all the time, including in the water, you can take the chance. Carpe diem! However, if you're the more cautious type, I'd take it off and store it safely. Probably nothing will happen but I also can't guarantee it. 

Ordering, Shipping, and Returns

Each person has a different body and wears different styles of clothing. That's why I made an "Ideal Chain Length Guide" to help you figure out what's best for you! While I could honestly go on and on with amazing tips about chain length here, there are way too many juicy details for this space so click here to read my blog post explaining it!

Yes I do!

Shipping is free anywhere in the USA! Woohoo! International shipping has a flat rate of $8 USD. 

In almost all cases, within the United States I use USPS Priority Mail to send orders, which usually takes 1-3 days to arrive from the day I ship. If you live in or close to the state of Vermont I use First Class mail because it takes the same amount of time to arrive. All international order are sent via USPS First Class Mail. Arrival time is different for each country. If you need me to send your order express, please contact me

I am a one-woman-show and I make each and every piece by hand. Between preparing for shows, filling orders, preparing pieces for galleries, having sick kids home from school, you name it, I want to be realistic with you about how long it might take for me to make and send out your order. If you need a piece urgently I am often able to make that a priority and get it to you in time. Please contact me if this is the case and I will make every effort to get you what you need on time. 

I want you to feel good about your new jewelry. I will accept returns on all my pieces of jewelry in their original condition within seven days of being delivered. In the case of gifts, I will accept returns within 30 days of delivery. I will refund the buyer in the original form of payment. Buyer is responsible for return shipping. If you need to return or exchange something, please email me at info@allisonkorndesigns.com.