Four Simple Steps to Find the Best Necklace Length for You

Four Simple Steps to Find the Best Necklace Length for You

Hi there! One of the most common questions I get is “what’s the best length to wear my necklaces?” Each person is different, but there is actually a very easy way to figure out your ideal necklace or chain length in just a few easy steps. So here we go!

Rule #1: THE most important rule. If the length of the necklace you’re wearing already feels good and makes you feel like a rock star, it’s perfect!!! Don’t change a thing. Ignore the following tricks.

But, if the length DOESN’T make you feel amazing, but kind of awkward and out of balance, go on to the following steps.

Step 1:
Take a string and measure from your hairline to the bottom of your chin (for folks with bangs, your hairline is the bottom of your bangs).

Step 2:
Without letting go of the string, move the top of your string to your chin and bring the bottom of the string down towards your chest. The first length you measured from your hairline to your chin should now equal the length from your chin to your first balance point. The first balance point is a great place to have your necklace hang! Everyone’s balance point is different.

This first balance point is an ideal place for your necklace to hang because it creates visual balance and harmony. The shape of the necklace reflects the shape of your face. For example:


Step 3:
To find your second balance point (another great place to hang a necklace for a balanced look) look in the mirror and find the widest place on your face (could be near your eyes, your cheek bones... each person is beautifully unique!). Take the string and measure from the widest point on your face to your chin. The widest part of my face is at my cheek bone, so I measured like this:

Step 4:
Then, like what you did in Step 2, move the string down so that now the top of the string is at your chin, and the bottom of the string is at your 2nd balance point. Tada! You now know where necklaces will look just right on you.

Here’s an example of a necklace that falls right on the second balance point:

Remember, this is not an exact science, and the most important thing is that YOU feel good. Once you know your balance points, you can play around with necklines and necklaces.

For example, in the first picture, my necklace is at a balance point, but it interferes with the neckline of my clothing, which is also at the same balance point. In the second picture, my necklace is very high and leaves too much open space between it and my neckline. In the third picture, my shirt neckline is at my low balance point while my necklace is at my high balance point, creating visual spaciousness and harmony.

Here’s another example. In this case in both pictures the necklace is at one of my balance points, but in the first picture it conflicts with my neckline, which is also at the same balance point. In the second picture, my dress neckline hits my higher balance point, while my necklace hits my lower balance point, creating space and visual balance.

I wish I could take the credit for having invented this easy and flawless system but I learned it from Stasia Savasuk (check her out she’ll change your life!).

Have fun with experimenting with this. And most importantly, make sure what you wear makes you feel strong, vibrant, courageous, and authentically you.

If you ever have any questions about this or while choosing your chain length, feel free to shoot me an email: Have a fabulous day!

Much love,