COVID-19 Update

Dear friends, 

I hope you are well and healthy. Thank you so much for choosing to support small businesses like mine in these times. It is truly beautiful to see the outpouring of support. It has been a challenging time for all and I continue to be able to do what I love and make jewelry because of your continuous support. My business remains open and I am ready to make you or your loved ones beautiful,  meaningful jewelry. 

I have made a number of changes in my business to keep everyone safe. I am no longer selling my jewelry in person at craft fairs, art shows, or farmers' markets until I feel it is safe to do so. This is why your online purchases mean so much to me. 

I am lucky in that I work by myself in a studio that does not have contact with other people. I have made all jewelry pick-ups contactless, and am strict about only allowing my family into my studio. We are extremely coscsiensious about social distancing and we always wear masks when we go out. I have also stopped licking the envelopes that I place inside your orders :-)

I hope you continue to stay healthy. We can get through this together. 

Much love,