Values and Ethics

My jewelry and my business are extensions of me, and therefore carry the values that I hold. My jewelry is political and I hope that it supports the change in the world that we need.  

I am a white, able-bodied, thin cis woman who grew up with, and continues to have, middle class socio-economic status. I am a descendent of the white European colonizers who stole this land from indigenous people. I benefit from all of the privilege that is bestowed upon me by the system that we live in. 

I am the mother of two biracial children and the partner of a brown immigrant. I believe that the systems that we participate in are built on racism and exploitation; I grew up within these systems and unknowingly participated and contributed to these systems until I began waking up to the harm I was causing as an adult. I now try to take responsibility for changing these oppressive systems by doing the work to unlearn the racism and white supremacy in my body; to speak out when I see harm is being caused; to listen when i am called in; and to work in community following the lead of BIPOC, queer, and disabled folks who are less benefited by this system than I am. 

It is an imperfect process and I mess up. A lot. I know this is life-long work and I am committed to doing it. I often reflect on whether I am doing something because it is right, or if my act is performative. I try to reflect, correct, and keep going. 

I also believe we have harmed this planet enough as it is. I want to make sure that I am contributing as little as possible to global warming. I am proud to use reclaimed silver in my work and to have switched from using free plastic packaging provided by the post office to purchasing recyclable/compostable packaging. 

I acknowledge that there is always more that I can do and more ways that I can grow. I am grateful to those who take the time to open my eyes to my blind spots and educate me. I am humbled every day by what I don't know and committed to social, racial, and environmental justice. If there are any areas in my business that you feel there is room to grow, please email me I would be grateful to learn how I can do better.