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Homeschooling in the Jewelry Studio
Yesterday my youngest son who is 7 came to my studio to help me work. I had him polishing my silver pieces with a brass brush, as we listened to music in Kichwa (an Ecuadorian Andean native language- my sons were born in Ecuador where my husband is from). We talked about why he was brushing the silver with a brush (to flatten the silver particles so that light reflects evenly, which is how silver shines); about how Kichwa sounds so familiar to him, even though he doesn’t understand all the words; and about the different steps it takes to make a piece of jewelry. In the end, he helped me roll out a new piece. I messed up twice. But he saw the hard work that goes into it, he saw his mother making a mistake and working to fix it, and he saw that it was okay.  
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When You Hit a Creative Slump and What You Can Do
Something about winter can make it feel like you are squeezing your creativity out of a rock. Maybe it feels like your brain is naturally mimicking the barren trees, or the 4pm sunsets make you feel sleepy all the time, or maybe it’s just plain too cold to do anything! 
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