Homeschooling in the Jewelry Studio

Homeschooling in the Jewelry Studio

For me, as a working artist, small business owner, and mother, this has been a challenging time for my family (as it has for all of us). Like I wrote in my last email to you, most of my income comes from in-person events, like my local town farmer’s market in Vermont and larger art shows, all of which have been canceled for the foreseeable future. While I thought running a business while being a parent was already challenging, add homeschooling and sudden loss of income to the mix and it can become overwhelming. I have felt fear, anxiety, confusion, excitement (I know, that’s a weird one), and sadness. But there is a part of me that has also felt peace. 

Yesterday my youngest son who is 7 came to my studio to help me work. I had him polishing my silver pieces with a brass brush, as we listened to music in Kichwa (an Ecuadorian Andean native language- my sons were born in Ecuador where my husband is from). We talked about why he was brushing the silver with a brush (to flatten the silver particles so that light reflects evenly, which is how silver shines); about how Kichwa sounds so familiar to him, even though he doesn’t understand all the words; and about the different steps it takes to make a piece of jewelry. In the end, he helped me roll out a new piece. I messed up twice. But he saw the hard work that goes into it, he saw his mother making a mistake and working to fix it, and he saw that it was okay.  

My son, Asha, in the jewelry studio.

While all that is happening in this world is not what any of us would have wanted, it has provided space for learning and connecting that perhaps would not have happened otherwise. And for that, I am grateful. I will feel many moments of overwhelm, I’m sure, but I want to also see the glimmers of light shining through.

I’m super excited to announce that you can now purchase gift cards on my website, for any amount. This is a great way to support my small business and give a gift to someone needing some extra love right now, or save it for a birthday or other holiday. Any gift cards purchased now will be honored at any future date.  

During these last few weeks, I have been feeling the need to wear some simple but powerful big hoops. I knew they would give me the strength and power to get through each day. I made them- they’ve uplifted me in the best possible way and they’re now available for purchase on my website! There are three different sizes. Find the perfect one for you here

Here is a pair of silver earrings that I make, Samara Maple Seed Earrings. I learned that this particular northeast variety of maple thrives when there is flooding. For me, this is the perfect symbol for resilience through life’s floods.

Samara Maple Seed Earrings

Sending strength and resilience to everyone.   

Much love,