New Sage Leaf Earrings and Necklace

New Sage Leaf Earrings and Necklace
It's mid-January- how are we feeling? Truth be told, I came into this year all raring to go with SO many ideas of what I wanted to do. But the first week back in my studio I felt paralyzed with where to start. There is so much in my head, so much I want to learn, so much I want to make… all the things! If you ever experience this, this email is to comfort you and let you know I HAVE NO IDEA how to help, I'm sorry :-). I did call a way-organized and motivational friend for an intervention though, and she's coming over this week to help organize my brain (and help me get my flow going again!). 
I did accomplish one very great thing this week, which was to create these new Sage Earrings and Sage Necklace! I have been dreaming about making sage jewelry for some time, and at last the moment was right! Introducing the Sage Leaf Earrings and Sage Leaf Necklace
I'll be honest: I love them! Here's the necklace:
Silver Sage Leaf Necklace on blue background
Silver Sage Leaf Earrings on a round black stone.
You can purchase the Sage Earrings here and the Sage Necklace here. I hope they give you a boost and reminder of the summer days ahead! As always, you are welcome to browse all the other jewelry available on my website.
Much love,