A Little Zen For You

A Little Zen For You
Sometimes the hardest things in life seem the simplest, and the simplest things seem the hardest. Take my Zen Coil Pendant for example. While it is simply a coil of silver in a circle, whenever I make one of these, I seriously question why humans didn't evolve to have three hands, because it would make it so much easier to make these necklaces! 
I've now become a ninja at balancing wet clay coils in one hand and a piece of plastic straw (to shape the top coils) and more wet clay coils in another without dropping it all or smooshing the clay. Afterwards, I fire the piece in a kiln and the organic binder that holds the silver particles together burns off, and you're left with pure silver
I've learned to love this balancing act of creation and love the Zen Coil Pendant even more because I know how complex it is to make it but how elegantly simple it looks in the end.
Silver Zen Coil Necklace on a blue background.
Each Zen Coil Pendant is slightly different- no way could I do that balancing act the same way each time… nor would I want to! To me this necklace represents opening to what is to come and connection to all that is. And I also believe it is a great reminder that sometimes the hardest things in life have the simplest solutions, while the simplest things in life are more complex and layered than we see.
Here's possibly my favorite picture of my Zen Coil Pendant in action, worn by the amazing author Ann Braden, accompanied by her trusty opossum. 
Ann Braden, a white woman with blond hair and glasses, smiling, wearing the Zen Coil Necklace. She's holding a puppet of an opossum
You can purchase the Zen Coil Pendant here and or head to my website to browse my other jewelry as well! 
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